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a very moody selfie that probably no one will appreciate
feelin luxy today 🍀
the philbrook cats :-)
self portrait of an uninspired teenager 
just me n my bike
This right here is my best friend. He is also my boyfriend. We’ve been together for a looooong time. We do everything together in every sense. Tonight was beautiful when he said his I love yous millions of times. He is one precious boy, and I am happy to call him my “long legs” or just “mine.” I love him to the moon and back.
it was a good weekend xoxo yours truly, lux

A weird nostalgic feeling came out of me tonight when I was with you. Maybe it was the words I had said earlier, “everything was so different a year ago” that echoed the dark caves of my mind. But when the feeling hit me, and the tears start streaming, what am I supposed to do? Hide my face? Cry out for help? Just do nothing? What was it about tonight that made me feel this way. Why was I crying? The feeling of you comforting me with your “I love yous” and your warm hugs with your long arms was just impeccable from what I had. I never had it in the past, and its seperates me from the past, because I know whats real, and whats not.

hi it’s me, you can call me lux

A calling to write is my inner soul speaking out loud.

hi it’s me. you can call me lux
its december 16th and flannels are still my favorite thing to wear